John Kovalic is a cartoonist extraordinaire and creator of the award-winning comic book Dork Tower. With Christopher Jones and Melissa Kaercher, Kovalic has created the full-color comic Dr. Blink: Superhero Shrink. With Liz Rathke, Kovalic has created another comic called SnapDragons.

Born Robert John Kovalic, Jr., in Manchester, England, UK, in a year that shall remain a mystery; Kovalic is both a citizen of the US and the UK. Another mystery is how he decided to attend the University of Wisconsin at Madison (in the USA) and study Economics and Astrophysics. Kovalic worked for The Daily Cardinal, one of UW-Madison's two student papers, where he developed the comic strip Wild Life that introduced his central character: Carson the Muskrat.

After graduation Kovalic stayed in Madison and worked for one of the local city papers, The Wisconsin State Journal. He proposed to his wife, who always will be referred to as "The Lovely and Talented Judith," in his Wild Life comic strip, and the results created a very funny story for Madison Magazine. TL&T Judith encouraged John to leave his day job. In 2008, John and Judith became the very happy parents of a daughter.

Kovalic is now co-owner and Art Director of Out of the Box Publishing. He publishes all his comics under his imprint Dork Storm Press, which also publishes three comics by Aaron Williams: Nodwick, PS 238, and Full Frontal Nerdity.

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Written by Lori Ann Curley, April 2005, Updated February 2010