LoriLori Ann Curley is a card-carrying member of the Army of Dorkness, aka the John Kovalic Fan Club.  She has been  Queen Coordinator of several Dorkstocks.

Lori can be reached at lori at dorkstock dot com.

FrancesFrances Moritz also is a card-carrying member of the Army of Dorkness and sometimes models as a 3D Gilly the Perky Goth. Frances coordinates even numbered Dorkstocks, and frequently picks up the slack when Lori drops the ball.

Frances can be reached at frances at dorkstock dot com.

John at consJohn Kovalic is a cartoonist extraordinaire and is one of the nicest guys on the planet. More information about him can be found on the John Kovalic page.

John can be reached at john at dorkstock dot com.

SlevSlev is yet another card carrying member of the Army of Dorkness, who coincidentaly lives in John's birthplace of Manchester (the original, not some johnny-come-late American version). He is the usual suspect behnd the UK eventswhenever the logistices of day job and band allow.

Slev can be reached at slev at dorkstock dot com.

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